Target Expansion Area

Target Expansion Area

Acquisition Roadmap

CPI Senior Management has successfully acquired and integrated 50 acquisitions in the construction sector over the course of their careers. Prospective sellers can be confident of complete confidentiality and fairness throughout all stages of the sales processes.

Our acquisition team appreciates that a quick initial evaluation process and fast transaction execution are in the best interest of the seller and work diligently to that end. As long-tenured operators of construction companies, our team understands the importance of continued operations and maintaining a customer and community focus during the integration process.

Our acquisition philosophy involved retaining the local management team of the acquired business, standardizing key business practices while maintaining day-to-day decisions at the local level, and providing strategic insights and leadership through our senior management team.

We welcome potential sellers to visit us anytime to discuss transaction opportunities. Our offices are located in Dothan, Alabama, at 290 Healthwest Drive, Suite 2.